I’ve been bombarded lately with new clients that complain about their hair not holding a curl, breaking from the midshaft, excessive shedding from the roots and some have even complained about scalp burns. During my client consultation, I ask the clients several questions. What is their daily regimen for hair care? When and where was their last salon visit? What products are they using at home? What were the products used at the salon they last visited? Do they receive chemical services at home or in the salon? Are they currently taking any medications? Have there been any changes to their diet, home or work environment? Do they have a stressful job?

These questions may seem a bit intrusive, but very relevant to why they may be experiencing sudden hair loss. Upon careful examination of the hair, I’ve noticed more times than I would like to say; hair that has a burnt brittle feeling, hair that appears lifeless and dull, hair that lacks elasticity and won’t hold a curl even when heat is applied.

As a professional hairstylist, I have a problem with hairstylist that do not implement care for the hair. I have a problem with hairstylist that forsake the integrity of the hair just to make money.  I have a problem with the hair/beauty industry that allows certain folks to make a mockery of the profession that I have been extensively train in educated on and passionate about.

You will never ever get assembly line service in my salon. Every product that we use is exclusive to the professional hairstylist and each hairstylist is educated on its use. My salon may not be for you and quite frankly is not for everybody just as there are different department stores for your purchasing pleasure. I’m not trying to convince you to come to my salon I just want you to go where your hair can be treated with care and your money is valued.